SPAWC 2022 takes place at Hotel Lasaretti, Oulu, Finland.

Hotel Lasaretti is located at the city of Oulu, by the Oulujoki river nestled in the area of Ainola park and Hupisaari Islands, giving the area a lovely atmosphere. It is only a 15-minute walk from the city centre. The distance to the railway station and the bus station is only about one kilometer and the drive from the airport to Lasaretti takes about 20 minutes.


Conference Hall

The SPAWC 2022 sessions will be held in Aurora Hall – the pride of Lasaretti as a meeting and party venue. With a capacity of up to 340 people, Aurora Hall is the most impressive meeting venue in Oulu and suitable for seminars, meetings, and exhibitions. The hall is equipped with 8 large screens (2 main screens and 6 side screens) to ensure smooth conference experience during the talks.


The conference offers each registrant the following daily dining:

  • Morning coffee/tea with pastries, fruits etc.
  • Buffet lunch in Joki-hall
  • Afternoon coffee/tea with pastries, fruits etc. 

 All food served is either lactose-free of low-lactose.